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with Masseria Terra&Grano pasta


We have finally reached your home after a long journey which, starting from your land, has led us brought together to Your table. Thanks again for believing in us and in our project! To reduce the waste of resources, we decided to eliminate the cap from every single package with the nutritional information – and other redundant information – that you can find in this cookbook. It would have ended up immediately in the separate collection… The only thing you will have to throw away will be the transparent container of pasta, 100% recyclable in the plastic. You can read all the other information directly by scanning the QR code found on each single pack of pasta, together with the only information you need for your kitchen: cooking time baking! You no longer have to go looking for information with a magnifying glass!! more ideas , you will find some quick and delicious recipes (even for your break lunch.. ) and some traditional recipes to bring a tasty pasta dish to the table as well as fully traced, from your field to your table!
Enjoy your meal!

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