“The customer always comes first!”

My name is Marco de Felice. I was born in Italy 1969, in the small village of Spinazzola, close to Bari. My mother has been my inspiration from an early age. Like a real Italian mother, she surprised my family with her dishes in the kitchen.

However, as a teenager I first chose a different path. I worked in the fashion industry with a focus on menswear. I came to the Netherlands as a young boy. To Gorinchem. I had a fashion store there for a number of years and I imported clothes from Italy. Later I went into Italian gastronomy with my cultural baggage of Italian cuisine. From that moment on I felt at home in the hospitality industry. I have a passion for Italian cuisine. From 1996 lived and worked mainly in Amsterdam. I have had different roles in gastronomy. I was a restaurant manager, sommelier of Italian wines and master host. My guests recognized me from restaurants such as Da Noi, Scala della Pasta, tapas Feliz, La Vita Nuova and the many business and private catering events. From 2006 to 2009 I also had a restaurant in Amsterdam-Zuid on the Willem Spaakweg.

Together with the team, we still do a lot in Amsterdam. However, since 2009 I have settled in Voorschoten, near Leiden. I work for Fratelli in Voorschoten and also run Marco de Felice Catering. The demand for my Italian catering concept now extends from Amsterdam to Rotterdam and everything in between. Together with my team I create unique and tasty dishes, using products that really come from Italy and are made there. I do everything I can to give my guests a pleasant and tasty get-together. My motto is therefore: “Customer satisfaction always comes first!”


Meet the team


Ottavio Masullo

Ottavio was born and raised in the town of Cava de ‘Tirreni in Salerno. After completing his artistic studies in high school, he devotes himself to alcohol and the composition of cocktails. Self-taught, he studies recipes from well-known hotel chains and takes courses to refine his technique and broaden his knowledge. He will work for the popular music venue Hiroshima Mon Amour in Turin and the Rolling Stones in Milan, among others. In addition to various local collaborations, he himself was co-owner of a well-known nightclub. He left his last Italian job in Positano as head bartender for “La Scogliera”, a highly sought after luxury resort on the Amalfi coast. He landed in Leiden, where the collaboration with Marco de Felice began. Together they developed a special drink list, designed to be appreciated by the discerning Dutch taste buds, but with a nod to the Italian style.


Vincenzo Apicella

Vincenzo Apicella is originally from Campania, a region in southern Italy. He was born in a family of restaurat holders where he came into contact with the world of hospitality at a young age. Over the years he saw different parts of the hotel sector. From the rooms to the cellar and finally the kitchen. He refined his technique. He prepared the most wonderful dinners in various restaurants on the Amalfi coast and in various star restaurants in the Campania region. In 2018 he ends up in the Netherlands to surprise the taste buds and the Dutch.

Chef dei dolci

Dominique from Casa di Faab

Dominique is our dessert chef. As a hobby chef she makes the most delicious desserts under the name Casa di Faab, which stand for enjoying good and pure food. Born from an Italian father and Indonesian mother, taste, quality and fresh ingredients have always been instilled in her. From sweet to savory, you can taste her joy in cooking and love for the Mediterranean. In the spring of 2019, Dominique spontaneously started making mozzarella with the meadow milk from a regional farm. She thinks throwing food away is a shame, so she makes ricotta from the leftover whey. This is in turn processed in, for example, cakes and pastas that she sells through her network of friends, but can also be ordered via her website


What our clients say

“You can taste the real Italy”

“Had a romantic dinner for 2. We wanted to redo our holiday in Italy at home. We succeeded! Delicious food and neatly cared for in-house! It really felt like going out”

Bas & Nathalie, Amsterdam

“Had a wonderful evening with the whole family”

“On the occasion of my mother’s birthday we organized a nice drink with a buffet in the garden. Marco de Felice and his team have gained 46 satisfied guests!”

Breedveld family, Leiden

“Marco really makes it a party!”

“Marco hosted our anniversary party. His flamboyant and professional appearance has really been part of the success of our wonderful evening. A must for any party!”

Dinant, Berkel and Rodenrijs