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Italian specialties

Monthly update via your email with tasty recipes, wine tips and offers.Our specialty is of course in authentic Italian dishes with products from Italy, such as the beautiful dried herbs, oils and olives, creamy burrata, dried meats, handmade pasta and Italian wines. From risotto to ossobuco. From meat to fish or vegetarian: we take into account everyone’s individual dietary requirements. Below you will find an example of frequently served dishes. Do you have ideas for the menu yourself? Please let us know. Then we will look at your ideal menu composition together with the chef.



A combination of classic Italian starters

Fritto Misto di Pesce

Mixed dish of crispy fried fish

Zuppa di Pesce

Fish soup in a traditional Italian way

Tartare di Salmone

Fresh salmon tartar and horseradish mayonnaise



Tartare di Manzo

Fine pieces of round-shaped beef served with crispy toast

Gazpacho con crudite di verdure

Gazpacho with raw vegetables

Primi Piatti

Paccheri all’astice

Fresh pasta with lobster and fresh herbs

Raviolo aperto con ricotta al limone

Open ravioli with lemon ricotta, tomato water and basil caviar

Tagliatelle di prezzemolo con stracotto di polipo

Parsley ribbon pasta with stewed octopus

Cavatelli vongole e cavolo nero

Hand-rolled cavatelli with clams and black cabbage

La lasagna del contadino

Millefeuille of pasta, grilled vegetables and mozzarella

Secondi Piatti

Pollo alla cacciatora 

Spicy chicken “in the way of the hunter”

Ribay, foie grass e fondo bruno

Luxurious ribeye with foie gras and spicy gravy

Risotto al gorgonzola e barbabietola

Homemade risotto with gorgonzola and beetroot

Dentice con pelle di patate croccanti

Red snapper with crispy potato skin

Baccalà alla pertecaregna all’olio

Cod in spicy oil with crusco pepper and mashed potatoes

timballo di zucchine e lenticchie 

Zucchini and lentil pie with parmesan sauce


Limoncello tiramisù

Lightly roasted, freshly tart Italian limoncello tiramisu

Zabaglione al Amaretto

Italian alcoholic drink for coffee

Torta Mirtillo Ricotta

Blueberry ricotta tartlet

Torta cioccolato cafè e ciliegie

Chocolate cherry brownie with merengue and coffee caramel sauce

Assortimento per cafè

A variety of homemade friandises with almond cookies and rocky roads


This combination of classic Italian appetizers is perfect to start a pleasant evening. A delicious variation from vitello tonato and smoked salmon to caprese and fried courgettes and aubergines.

Zuppa di Pesce

A prestigious dish enriched with the flavors of the sea. The taste of Italian fish soup is unique because of the different types of fish. The crispness of the toast completes the dish.

Tartare di Manzo

Luxurious tartar of the best beef. The finely chopped round-shaped shreds are served with crispy toast and crispy lettuce. A delicious light starter.

Raviolo aperto con ricotta al limone

Open ravioli with fresh lemon ricotta served with tomato water. This dainty dish is topped with basil caviar.

Tagliatelle con stracotto di polipo

Fresh ribbon pasta with stewed octopus. The fresh basil used for the pasta gives the tagiatelle an attractive green color.

Dentice con pelle di patate croccanti

This delicious red snapper saltwater fish is served with a crispy baked potato skin and colorful seasonal vegetables.

Paccheri all’Astice

A deliciously delicate dish with seafood and lobster, combined with the Neapolitan pasta form paccheri. The lobster is lightly burnt and then fried in a soft sauce.

Ribay, fois grass e fondo bruno

This is the absolute favorite for meat lovers. We bake the luxurious piece of beef tenderly and rosé for you. The dish is served with the French delicacy fois gras and a delicious spicy gravy.

Risotto al gorgonzola e barbabietola

The color is already pleasing to the eye, but the flavors of beetroot and real Italian gorgonzola from North-East Italy complete this risotto. A real favorite of our vegetarian guests!


Our specialty! The cocktail-like spoom is made from lemon sorbet, vodka and prosecco. Our sgroppino masters find the right ratio and prepare the sgroppino at your table!

Limoncello Tiramisu

This dessert is not only a feast for the eyes, but also a wonderful end to a classic Italian evening. The lightly roasted spikes complete this limoncello tiramisu.


Spectacle at the table

Sgroppino Master

Sgroppino is a delicious Italian specialty to top off fresh and to enjoy after dinner. The cocktail-like spoom is made from lemon sorbet, vodka and prosecco. Our scoppino masters find the right proportion of the ingredients, mix with the hand whisk and serve in elegant glasses to the brim. And we prefer to do both preparing and serving in the presence of the guests!

Tagiatelle flambé con formaggio parmigiano e tartufo nero

Are you looking for a specialty that is an experience for your guests and your taste buds? Choose our flambéed tagiatelle! We prepare the fresh ribbon pasta at the table in a large parmesan with a diameter of about 60 centimeters. With a touch of Grappa we let the blue flames well up in the cheese, which starts to melt wonderfully creamy. Then we stir the ribbon paste through the cheese. We top the tagiatelle with freshly grated black truffle.


For the little ones

The children are not forgotten either! With child-friendly dishes from the children’s menu and entertainment by our team, both you and them can enjoy the special occasion.



What our clients say

“You taste the real Italy”

“Had a romantic dinner for 2. We wanted to redo our holiday in Italy at home. We succeeded! Delicious food and neatly cared for in our own house! It really felt like going out”

Bas & Nathalie, Amsterdam

“Had a wonderful evening with the whole family”

“On the occasion of my mother’s birthday we organized a nice drink with a buffet afterwards in the garden. Marco de Felice and his team have gained 46 satisfied guests!”

Familie Breedveld, Leiden

“Marco really makes it a

“Marco hosted our anniversary party. His flamboyant and professional appearance has really been part of the success of our wonderful evening. A must for any party!”

Dinant, Berkel en Rodenrijs