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With the Marco de Felice team you are assured of real authentic Italian cuisine, with products, wine and bubbles from Italy, a flamboyant, Italian host or chef at home.


What can we do for you?

Whether it’s a gala dinner for a large group or a romantic dinner for two, with Marco de Felice Italian Catering you are assured of quality and Italian hospitality that will exceed your guests’ expectations.

Chef at home

Italian lunch or dinner at home? Our Italian catering service will take care of your special evening with friends or family. We take care of the products, cook for you, serve the dishes and leave your kitchen clean again. We pay attention to the smallest details and time the courses perfectly one after the other: that is our strength.

Parties & Celebrations

An anniversary, birthday or wedding party? Our team will study your theme and prepare everything down to the last detail: decoration and entertainment for the kids to music and matching outfits! But above all, great Italian cuisine. Surprise your guests with the high-quality catering service of Marco de Felice Italian catering.

Wine & Prosecco

An Italian experience is incomplete without vino. Only the best wines are selected. We like to start with a glass of 900 prosecco from our own wine shop and continue the evening with a matching wine with every dish. Order your bubbles in our wine shop or contact us for a passionate explanation of our Italian wine arrangement.

Business catering

Is a company party, work anniversary or high-quality visit on the agenda soon? We invite you to try our corporate catering service or working lunch. Our highly qualified team takes care of your business catering from working lunches to gala dinners. Impress your guests and book your business catering with the Marco de Felice Italian catering team.

Jose Oesterdammer Marin

Oesterdammer is the oyster specialist from Zeeland, France and Ireland. The oysters are imported and fresh every day. Oestedammer specialist in oyster opening, opens the oysters of your choice during your party or reception, ensuring all palates to taste a delicacy of the sea.

Dal 1991

About Marco

My name is Marco de Felice. I was born in Italy 1969, in the small village of Spinazzola, close to Bari. My mother has been my inspiration from an early age. Like a real Italian mother, she surprised my family with her dishes in the kitchen.


Our Italian specialties

Below you will find a selection of our Italian dishes. Do you have an Italian specialty in mind? Our chef will be happy to prepare these for you and your guests. Please feel free to contact us for the possibilities and a tailor-made quotation.


This combination of classic Italian appetizers is perfect to start a pleasant evening. A delicious variation from vitello tonato and smoked salmon to caprese and fried courgettes and aubergines.

Zuppa di Pesce

A prestigious dish enriched with the flavors of the sea. The taste of Italian fish soup is unique because of the different types of fish. The crispness of the toast completes the dish.

Paccheri all’Astice

A deliciously delicate dish with seafood and lobster, combined with the Neapolitan pasta form Paccheri. The lobster is lightly burnt and then fried in a soft sauce.

Ribay, fois grass e fondo bruno

This is the absolute favorite for meat lovers. We bake the luxurious piece of beef tenderly and rosé for you. The dish is served with the French delicacy fois gras and a delicious spicy gravy.

Risotto al gorgonzola e barbabietola

The color is already pleasing to the eye, but the flavors of beetroot and real Italian gorgonzola from North-East Italy complete this risotto. A real favorite of our vegetarian guests!


Our specialty! The cocktail-like spoom is made from lemon sorbet, vodka and prosecco. Our sgroppino masters find the right ratio and prepare the sgroppino at your table!

Limoncello Tiramisu

This dessert is not only a feast for the eyes, but also a wonderful end to a classic Italian evening. The lightly roasted spikes complete this limoncello tiramisu.

Oysters and seafood

Dive into the world of oysters and seafood, one of our specialities

Corso di cucina italiana

Tailor-made Italian cooking course

Would you like to discover the secrets of Italian cuisine yourself? Inquire about the possibilities for Italian cooking courses at home or at a location near you. Nice as a gift or activity with friends, family or as a company outing. Let us know how many people you are with (max. 10) and we will take care of the rest!



Wat our clients say

“You can taste the real

“Had a romantic dinner for 2. We wanted to redo our holiday in Italy at home. We succeeded! Delicious food and neatly cared for in our own house! It really felt like going out”

Bas & Nathalie, Amsterdam

“Had a wonderful evening with the whole family”

“On the occasion of my mother’s birthday we organized a nice drink with a buffet afterwards in the garden. Marco de Felice and his team have gained 46 satisfied guests!”

Familie Breedveld, Leiden

“Marco really makes it a party!”

“Marco hosted our anniversary party. His flamboyant and professional appearance has really been part of the success of our wonderful evening. A must for any party!”

Dinant, Berkel en Rodenrijs


When do we cook for you?

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